The Gangplank Mile

The Gangplank Mile is a gathering of Ganplankers to walk, run, skate, bike, etc. a mile course up and back down Arizona Avenue. The only condition is that there be no motorized transport.

The GP Mile will now be meeting two days a week. For the Summer, GP Mile will be meeting at 8:30 am on Wednesdays and 9:30 am on Fridays. Keep posted as we may change times again due to weather.

The course for The Gangplank Mile has been established and is just barely over 1 mile and heads north from Gangplank.

  • From Gangplank, walk, run, skate, bike, scoot north on Arizona Avenue until you hit Chandler Boulevard.
  • At Chandler Blvd, reverse your direction and head back down south on Arizona Avenue again.
  • Turn right on Buffalo Street and head down past Sushi Eye, La Stalla, etc.
  • When you get to the crosswalk that takes you in front of the San Marcos resort, turn left and take that down the sidewalk pas San Marcos, Santan Brewery, InPockets, Irish Republic, etc.
  • At Boston Street, turn right and run on to Oregon Street (just left around Vintage 95).
  • Continue down Oregon Street until you hit Chicago Street.
  • Turn left there and head back to Arizona Avenue.
  • On Arizona, turn right and head back to Gangplank.

Congrats on your Gangplank Mile!

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